Today is the first day of the Great Yorkshire show, an event first held in 1838. The first year we have a record of attendance for the show was 1842, when 6,044 people attended, this year more than 130,000 people are expected. The show includes animals, show jumping displays, shopping stands, garden shows, a wide range of food and drink and much more. Cancelled last year due to heavy rain, here’s hoping the great weather continues! Keep an eye out at the show for this display, created by one of our very own florists for the African Pride stand – a travel agent based in York that specialises in East and Southern African Holidays. We've done the flowers for their stand for the past 6 years, and they keep coming back! The flowers used are protea, a native flower of South Africa, the smallest are called pin cushion protea, all the way up to the mighty King Protea. For more information on the show look here, and African Pride look here

We are currently running a giveaway on our facebook page to win a FREE bouquet of flowers, just click here for more details.