Single roses , stunning bouquets to include roses of your choice, sexy six, a dramatic dozen or more of our fabulous long lasting freedom roses .

You don't have to send red roses, there are so many gorgeous flowers - why not send a stem or two of our cut orchids to be a little different!

Flowers have so many meanings and are a wonderful way to say so much to that special person in your life - orchids for example are a symbol of exotic beauty and symbolises proud and glorious femininity, something a little less grand like tulips shows a declaration of perfect love! Roses , when givern as a bouquet of 12 gives a declaration of ultimate love, 25 convey congratulations and 50 are unconditional love!

Colours are important too - did you know red roses are the best way to say I love you, while pink shows how much you appreciate and admire a special someone. White show new beginnings, hence why they are a favorite for weddings , while yellow( my favorite) are a more traditional sign of friendship. Whatever your favorite we at Blameys are here to help you make a perfect choice for your special one, why not add chocolates, champagne truffles, balloon, teddy bear or to make it extra special a bottle of bubbly .


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